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Crown Moulding Projects

Crown Moulding can really add value and class to a room. With all different styles of crown moulding available, this can be an affordable architecural investment for your home.

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Tongue & Groove Ceiling Projects

Tongue and Groove Ceilings are available in a variety of patterns, stains, and finishes, depending on your personal style. Once complete, your room will have a higher-class look; Check out our Gallery for more on this type of Crown Moulding.

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Wainscoting Projects

There is an artful composition when balancing good bones and aesthetically pleasing lines, these features must be echoed out and inside the home. Nothing is more capable of this than well-built wainscoting, adding a handsome combination of decorative boards or panels.

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Base Moulding Projects

Base Moulding is essential for covering gaps between floor boards or carpeted edges and adjoining walls. A great baseboard and supporting trim elements provide a smooth transition from the wall to the floor, guiding you seamlessly from room to room.

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Windows & Doors Projects

The first things noticed upon entering a home are the doors and windows. Simultaneously giving them a “perfect view” of any moudling or trim elements. These types of details in focal areas of a home, such as Entryways, can really set the tone and overall style of an entire home.

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Vaulted Ceiling Projects

Vaulted ceilings are one of the most impressive features a home can have. Crowning the glory of your home with this type of trim increases value and adds class. Taking that soaring ceiling to even higher glory with the detail of Crown Moulding.

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